Opening in 1915, The Earl Hays Press was founded by no other than Earl Hays himself.
There for starting a legacy of history in the motion picture industry that has succeeded for a
100 Years. Starting it’s legacy in the heart of Hollywood California to find it’s forever home
in 1980 in Sun Valley California , where it is family owned & operated. The Earl Hays Press
Specializes in the unusual the hard to find for example if you need a newspaper from the
1880’s we can create it with the correct type style look and feel as if it came from the 1800’s.
But this is just one of Earl Hays products we carry more than 25,000 stock printed items.
available to the movie industry on request. Such as license plates as far back as 1901 to
current day with variety of materials used metal, plastic, cardboard. A wide range of
drivers license and passports from all over. Modern & period labeling and packaging, (food,
beer, wine, beverages,etc.) and with a full graphics department there is no end to what we can